Bouncing Back

In the world of mobile, established hardware and software vendors believe they will be able to topple the market leader given time.

In an interesting article about Nokia, we read that “All evidence suggests that Elop has moved mountains to improve the company’s product old line-up and its culture since then. But the task he faces is just too gargantuan. Once you miss the boat on an ecosystem, it’s just about impossible to recover. There are too many moving parts to coordinate, too many different parties to please. It happened to Apple in the 1990s with the Mac—once Windows took over, Apple faced permanent decline in the PC business. Only by changing the rules of the game—by going entirely beyond the PC business—did it manage to rebound.”

Nokia is doing the right thing. Adopting Android would have lost it in a “me too” world of similar hardware. Unfortunately Windows phone may not be enough to save it.

Examples of companies trying the catchup game abound. Can they succeed without introducing a paradigm shift? It appears not. The change has to be focused and drastic.

Rip Nokia –

By anoriginalidea

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