The good news about the new iPad 4G and Australia



Unfortunately it seems that the “4G” supported by the “new iPad” will not support existing Australian 4G networks such as Telstra’s NextG network.  (It is predicted however that this will be available in 2015)

This seems to be due to a limititation in the chipset used in the new iPad.  Nevertheless it seems that users of bandwidth hungry business applications may still benefit from the new device.

But the news isn’t all bad for iPad users needing mobile network connectivity. The inclusion of High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) plus 850MHz and 2100MHz means the new iPads in theory are capable of much faster download speeds on Telstra’s NextG network, and Optus and Vodafone networks.

That means the iPad will be more attractive to businesses seeking to use them for data downloads and uploads while out and about.

It seems that at least for a while,  the mobile applications that enterprise use should still be responsive regardless of network performance.



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